Life Style Changes

man working outIn cases of mild to moderate snoring or Sleep Apnea, making certain lifestyle adjustments may be enough to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of snoring or OSA. The first factor to consider is your waistline. Studies have shown that loosing at least 10% of total body weight can result in a noticeable improvement in OSA symptoms.

Another way to combat snoring and Sleep Apnea is to change sleeping positions. Avoid sleeping on the back, as this position tends to increase the chances of the tongue and the soft tissues of the mouth falling backward and creating blockages. A simple change of sleeping position from the back sleeping to lying on your side is the most effective position for preventing snoring and OSA.

Other things a person can do to combat OSA are:

  • stop smoking
  • limit alcohol consumption
  • limit sleeping aids
  • keep the nasal passages clear with a sinus rinse or adhesive strip, and
  • avoid eating large, fatty meals before bedtime

All of the remedies mentioned have one thing in common: they are proactive steps to take in your fight against OSA and your quest for a good night’s sleep. Often times though, you may find that these methods worked for you in the beginning, but are now no longer effective. So you may find that the beast has returned, and that your particular breed of Obstructive Sleep Apnea is meant to be treated by a medical professional.

Snoring Solutions urges you to contact the office to set up a consultation and sleep test for you. With Snoring Solutions on your side, your good night’s rest is the top priority.

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