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Patient Compliance


couplecityThe most important dimension of The Moses® is compliance. If the device works well and is comfortable, we know the patient will want to wear it every night. This is key to any treatment involving a removable appliance. As we know from the CPAP, if you don’t use it, it can’t help.

What makes The Moses® comfortable to wear? The patient can easily talk, drink, open wide and close their lips. They no longer have the discomfort of dry mouth in the mornings. Eliminated are the claustrophobic locked jaw and mouth breather designs of earlier MADs. After a short time, you forget it is in! Patients wear it because they feel better now that their symptoms are reduced or completely diminished.

The combination of the other two dimensions of The Moses® means the success doesn’t rely heavily on one attribute to stop symptoms. Since the tongue is already stimulated to a forward position, you don’t have to extend the mandibular far in order stop snoring or reduce the AHI. The mandibular position of The Moses® is comfortable for the patient.

It works and is very comfortable, therefore the patient wears it and gets help every night!

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