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Oral Appliance Therapy has been shown to be highly effective for treating mild to moderate sleep apnea cases with success rates as high as 90%. Since Oral Appliances are suggested for patients who cannot tolerate CPAP therapy, there are some patients who may not be good candidates for Oral Appliance Therapy.

Some of these patients may be restricted from using Oral Appliance Therapy because they are of a certain body type, or they may be missing teeth. Patients with an extremely large neck or abdomen may find Oral Appliance Therapy to have no effect on their condition. On the other hand, patients who are extremely thin and possess a steep angle to the lower jaw may not be ideal candidates for Oral Appliance Therapy.

Some Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients report a noticeable change in how they feel upon awakening as soon as the following morning. They may notice a change in their level of functioning throughout the day. Determining if your condition could benefit from Oral Appliance Therapy begins with a consultation at Snoring Solutions. Once the proper determinations are made, Dr. Bayless and his team will decide which course of treatment is most appropriate for your individual case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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